Wire Management Store

Browse through our Wire Management Store for high quality, durable, and cost-effective wire management products.

This store features PVC wire marking tubes, CTK hotmarker foil tapes, Canon tube marking printers, EPSON label printers, globally harmonized MTW PVC hook up wires, crimping tools for insulated or non-insulated terminals, plastic cable glands, metal cable glands, wire terminals (Cembre ferrules, Nichifu blades, Nichifu ring terminals, Nichifu fork terminals, bullet connectors), Ilme heavy duty connectors, cable ties & cable tie mounts, Icotek panel entry systems, Icotek split cable glands, Icotek EMC shield clamps, conduit systems, and strain relief systems and cable management. 

We also carry hard to find products from manufacturers around the world. Japan (Non stock items) Direct from Japan in 7-10 days.

Didn't find a part? Email us customerservice@twittlebit.com for quotes/inquiries.

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