KEL-SNAP Cable Entry System

The patented KEL-SNAP frames provides a quick assembly of the KEL / KEL-U / KEL-QUICK cable entry system when necessary. Control panels, enclosures or ma- chines can be equipped with the KEL-SNAP frame at delivery, allowing a simple push in of the KEL frame when routing the cables and conduits. These tool-free polyamide mounting frames are perfect for enclosures that are maintenance intensive or for an installlation to be completed in later date. KEL-SNAP frames are:

  • Self-extinguishing UL 94 V-0 material
  • Halogen-free, Silicone-free
  • Easy to install (upon disassembly, screwing & unscrewing of KEL frames is not necessary)
  • Up to UL Type 12 / IP54

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42042 Icotek KEL-SNAP24 snap frame for KEL-24, KEL-U 24, KEL-FG-A, KEL-QUICK 24 cable entry system 33
42017 Icotek BPK-SNAP24 blind plate for KEL-SNAP 24 (42042) cable entry frame 19
42040 Icotek KEL-SNAP16 snap frame for KEL-16, KEL-U 16, KEL-QUICK 16 cable entry system 4
42038 Icotek KEL-SNAP-B snap frame for KEL-B, KEL-U-B & KEL-QUICK-B cable entry system 3